Saturday, February 19, 2011

A stroll down Talley Lane

Well--weeks have passed by. . .  what have we been doing?

1.  Well, our sweet Lydia turned one this week!  Can you believe--I have a one year old??!?  She is as active as ever and oh so sweet.
 2.  School has been overwhelming (nothing new :)

3.  My etsy store has really been blessed.  I am very thankful, because it may be a necessary income if I drop my hours at work (which I will have to do to survive school!).  It's something I can do a little at a time at home while my little energizer bunny runs all over the house :)

4.  My credit card got hacked.  I've never experienced that before, thankfully.  I Tunes.  They used it at ITunes.  Interesting.

5.  Lydia threw up all night the night of her birthday.  And NO it's not because she ate too much cake (she didn't have any! Haha)  A nasty little virus.  My poor sweet girl.  I took her to the doctor for illness for the first time because I was concerned she was getting dehydrated.  She also had an ear infection and pink eye.  She is getting better now :)

6.  My husband is wonderful and very supportive through our chaotic life and my studying.  But that's not new :)

7.  I started my OB Gyn rounds for school.  I'll spare those details of my experiences :)

8.  I love being a mother-- and I CAN'T wait to start doing craft, art, sewing, cooking etc. etc. projects with Lydia!!  I had to restrain from buying colors and paints the other day.  I know she's not quite ready.  Although--I have given her a big fat highlighter to attempt to get her used to drawing :)  Brett says I'm like the child. But it's sooo much fun.

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