Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome Home Little Lydia

Lydia Lane
8 lb. 7 oz.
21 inches
February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cardboard Testimonies

Withdrawn emotionally
Secure in Him
Ability to love without holding back

I recently saw this video posted on a friend's Facebook site. It was very moving and in the early morning hours--I thought that I have much to be thankful for what Christ has done for me--I pondered what I would write on my "cardboard testimony."

What would you write on yours?

Friday, February 12, 2010

The BEST Banana Bread Recipe

Yummy! That's the best word to describe this banana bread (that I'm eating while typing).

While in nursing school, I would often stop by Smoothie King and get their packaged breads (banana, carrot). I loved how moist they were--so I went on a hunt for the "perfect" banana bread recipe.

After searching for "moist banana bread" recipes and trying about 6 different ones-- I finally landed on this one. By the way--the rest of them--were far from being moist! I was just thankful that our friend John, who liked to eat banana bread, was coming over regularly to help eat my testing recipes (because Brett won't touch the stuff).

I found this recipe on and I make a few additions/changes:

  • I usually use wheat flour for at least half of the required amount (makes it a little "healthier")
  • I add over 1/2 cup walnuts/pecans -- nuts are a necessity!
  • I add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspon of cinnamon--because I like cinnamon
  • Definitely cook for 45 minutes. It will look dark on top--but the middle will not be cooked completely if you don't cook for the 45 minutes
  • I use butter instead of margarine

**Other additions-- raisons, chocolate chips, fresh blueberries (those are awesome--2 bananas and a "handful" of blueberries make a great bread)

You have to try this recipe. I have never had anyone dislike this recipe--in fact--people usually ask me for it. You won't regret it.

Happy baking!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saying "Good bye" to the STACK!

Ok-- after weeks of whittling away at the STACK--I am finished!!

Perfect time for a Word of the day: Whittle-- to reduce or gradually eliminate something :) (Just had to throw that in.)

The stack above was actually one from December 2008 (just found the picture in my files). Unfortunately (and embarrassingly)--some of the same items in that stack were in my current one! Except--the STACK I just finished "eliminating" was about......3-4 x larger than in the picture!

Oh--you all know and can relate to this (except for the few really organized out there). The stack sits there and then it gets shoved in an old Wal-Mart sack and thrown in the closet when company comes over. Then--it builds again--and more company comes over. Hence--I ended up with about 4 x that amount! It was filled with photos, items needing to be filed, receipts, things and papers I "thought" I wanted to keep, etc. etc. etc.

Now that I am finished going through everything-- I have a SOLUTION to the stack.

A long (and I mean LONG) time ago--I heard someone on the radio talking about organizing your life. They referred to a "one touch" system. You check the mail--and as you go through it--you touch it ONCE.
  • You read and throw
  • You read and file
  • You read--pay bill--then file
  • You deal with each piece of mail ONCE

Previously I have been so overwhelmed with my stack--that I felt I could never implement the "one touch" system....

But after today...... I will (that's a promise) :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


So.... no baby yet....
but the organizing and ordering continues. I think I have made more trips to Wal-Mart lately to get organizational items--tubs, tubs, containers, more tubs.... each closet and cabinet is slowly getting organized. It seems to be all about ORDER. I like order--and lately--I like it even more.

So I did what I love--and looked up the definition of "nesting." Of course I found many, but here was my favorite:
The tendency to arrange one's immediate surroundings to create a place where one feels secure, comfortable, or in control.

From spiders, to birds, to alligators-- to humans -- all have a "nesting" instinct. It is their desire to protect and prepare for the birth of their offspring.

I guess my wonderment came when I asked myself--why couldn't I have invested this much energy over the last years cleaning and organizing my house? Why does it take a baby coming to make your home and organization a real "priority"? Those are the qustions I asked myself.

Part of the answer for me goes back to the above definition-- I think I realize that my "comfortable" and "in control" environment is about to change! And if I can only get as much "control" now (before this baby)--it creates some kind of security. We shall see.

But on a deeper note..... a newborn is a grave responsibility and it is so vulnerable. I think there is a knowing of the importance of a mother's being in control to protect it. If only we could see other people in our lives, other tasks and edicts (especially from God) as being just as great a responsibility--that we would seek to protect His purposes and other's lives as much as a newborn.

Just something to think about.

(Picture from bird's nest in my yard last spring.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Looking Back

Yes, it's 2:24 in the morning--and I'm up. Surprised? Is this God's preparation for what is to come? :)

I've been cleaning out my photo files and figured out what pictures I need to print--and which to delete. I'm determined to get organized with a system, especially before Lydia gets here. I love digital, but so often pictures just remain on the computer--waiting to be possibly lost one day. I love putting my hands on a picture or in an album--that I can look at anywhere and anytime--regardless of technology. I'm a little old fashioned when it comes to some things.

Sooo....I came across all of my pregnancy photos, and attempted to make a collage. As much "misery" as pregnancy is right now--I think I will miss many things especially having Lydia "with" me at all times, feeling her little feet and knees pushing against my abdomen.

The day is almost here. My doctor is on call today (Wednesday)--so I told her at my appointment on Tuesday--I would see her tomorrow. I hope I am right!

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