Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, for those of you who know me.....I'm rarely speechless!  Brett tells me I'm "passionate" when I get excited about some topic and ramble on.  I have (on occasion) been passionate--and I like it ;)

Her new ducky tub
Anyway--I had oral surgery one week ago--which has had me somewhat "speechless."  It just plain hurts to talk....even after a week--I'm not myself.  Can't wait for this to heal up.  One step closer to getting the braces off, though!

And a big thanks and big hugs to my friend who read my last blog post and brought over food!!  You are a dear.  The chili was wonderful, and the potatoes were perfect for my sore mouth!!  My husband is grateful--because over the last 4 days--all he has had is chili :)

Smiling at Daddy!
Just thought I'd post some fun pics of my baby girl for you to enjoy--because you can't have her in person ;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

11 + 2 = 575.26

Yes--I really do know how to add.  That is the 11 books I ordered off of Amazon and thankfully the 2 I owned already--for a total of 13 books for this semester totally $575.26!!  Yikes!

See even Lydia looked at my books and cried ;)

It's going to be a challenging semester.  I am looking forward to this semester as I start clinicals and begin focusing on the "practice" side of being a Nurse Practitioner.  I actually do enjoy studying, but it is a difficult program.  I'm open to any help :)  I'll take meals and babysitting offers any day :)

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged (Deuteronomy 31:8)

Meet Ellie!

Lydia has a fascination with straps.  I'm not sure if all babies do--but she will chew on any strap she can get her hands on.  Car seat straps, high chair straps, swing and bouncy straps.  She loves them!  Some times she is so enthralled by the high chair straps that I have a difficult time feeding her.

Soooo I remembered seeing some "strap" material (which is called webbing) at Hobby Lobby.  So Tuesday night I packed my little one up and we headed there to get some colorful webbing.

Ellie and the ball I made (Lydia was not very interested in it, though :)
I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the webbing after I brought it home, but after digging around in my scrap bags and sewing desk drawers.....Ellie was bornLydia loves her!  She will chew on her for 30 minutes at a time while playing with her "pig tails"  and the various textures of her "skirts."

Holding Ellie and her favorite blanket before nap time
Alas, one of my final creative outlets prior to school starting.....tomorrow (or rather today--since it is almost 1 a.m.)  She is a very unique little doll . . . unique and original like my Lydia.
A sneek peek of the other project I'm working on ;)  No webbing here!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm done!

Done with my CEN and homemade baby food!

I finally took my Certified Emergency Nursing Exam Monay--and PASSED!!  I have been "planning" to take this for about 2 years now (wow--has it really been that long??).  I decided that if I didn't do it between semesters--it would never get done.  So--why take it?  Well--you learn some things by studying, shows professionalism, and.....you make a little more money.  And right now....a little more....goes a long way!
What you see:  butternut Squash, peaches, avocado chicken, figs, apples, banana mango

I'm also finished with making baby food.  Wednesday night I made chicken/apples, chicken/potatoes, and more sweet potatoes.  Last week it was mango/banana, kiwi/mango/banana--yum, and avocado/chicken/mango.  Can you tell I had a case of mangos!  Well--besides starting school on Monday--and not having much time to make any more--I also have no more room in my freezer.  We have more food for Lydia than we can fit.  Besides--I think I have enough to last a couple of months--and then she'll start eating more finger foods anyway (I think).
Carrots, more peaches, pears, kiwi/mango/banana, and behind this are the yogurt fruit blends :) (and chicken/potatoes and sweet potatoes in the ice trays!

I say I'm done....but I know I may feel the need to experiment with other foods one day (like fish :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

My gentle Giant

My neice came for a quick visit this summer.  Neither one of us had seen each other's babies.  This is baby Johnathan with Lydia. The ironic thing--is Johnathan is 1.5 months OLDER than Lydia! :)

He was born prematurely at 1 pound 9 ounces!  What an amazing miracle.  He has done so well--and his Moma takes very good care of him!  One day--I'm sure he will catch up with Lydia--until then--we'll keep them out of the boxing ring ;)

Where or where did the last month go?

Wow--one month since my last post.  I have actually gotten much better at blogging, but this past month--life was a little like a hurricane.

I finished a summer semester packed with 6 hours of graduate school, unending research, and a video project that stole many hours of sleep from me!  Thankfully--Grandma came to the rescue one week--to help out!  Lydia loves Grandma!

I have finally, thank the Lord, overcome a cold/allergic exacerbation that lasted 2 months!  I am no longer over-dosing on antihistamines of every shape, name, and size.

Immediately after school was over, we became (miraculously) owners of a rental property.  So that entailed late night cleaning (hauling Lydia with blankets, toys, and bottles), early morning cleaning (once again hauling lydia with blankets, toys, bottles, etc), completing the punch list, devising a lease, etc. etc. etc. Phew....glad that's over.  We have been blessed with wonderfully renters already!

We also drove to Dallas to visit friends and Brett's cousins.  Lydia had her first road trip.  She did great!  We swam, went to the Dallas World Aquarium, and ate great food (thanks to John!).  The temperature was 103-105 degrees (without the heat index)--so the zoo trip and the hiking I wanted to do with Lydia--was OUT of the picture :(  Thankfully the Aquarium was indoors!

Currently, I'm studying for my certification exam in ER nursing (CEN)--which I will take before I start school again on the 23rd! Wow--life is busy, the emotions sometimes run rampant, but I have a wonderful little girl who makes me smile every day, and a very supportive husband!  Thank you, Lord, for my many blessings!

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