Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm done!

Done with my CEN and homemade baby food!

I finally took my Certified Emergency Nursing Exam Monay--and PASSED!!  I have been "planning" to take this for about 2 years now (wow--has it really been that long??).  I decided that if I didn't do it between semesters--it would never get done.  So--why take it?  Well--you learn some things by studying, shows professionalism, make a little more money.  And right now....a little more....goes a long way!
What you see:  butternut Squash, peaches, avocado chicken, figs, apples, banana mango

I'm also finished with making baby food.  Wednesday night I made chicken/apples, chicken/potatoes, and more sweet potatoes.  Last week it was mango/banana, kiwi/mango/banana--yum, and avocado/chicken/mango.  Can you tell I had a case of mangos!  Well--besides starting school on Monday--and not having much time to make any more--I also have no more room in my freezer.  We have more food for Lydia than we can fit.  Besides--I think I have enough to last a couple of months--and then she'll start eating more finger foods anyway (I think).
Carrots, more peaches, pears, kiwi/mango/banana, and behind this are the yogurt fruit blends :) (and chicken/potatoes and sweet potatoes in the ice trays!

I say I'm done....but I know I may feel the need to experiment with other foods one day (like fish :)

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Lisa said...

I Know you! You are not done. :) You will soon have another project that you will be doing.

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