Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, for those of you who know me.....I'm rarely speechless!  Brett tells me I'm "passionate" when I get excited about some topic and ramble on.  I have (on occasion) been passionate--and I like it ;)

Her new ducky tub
Anyway--I had oral surgery one week ago--which has had me somewhat "speechless."  It just plain hurts to talk....even after a week--I'm not myself.  Can't wait for this to heal up.  One step closer to getting the braces off, though!

And a big thanks and big hugs to my friend who read my last blog post and brought over food!!  You are a dear.  The chili was wonderful, and the potatoes were perfect for my sore mouth!!  My husband is grateful--because over the last 4 days--all he has had is chili :)

Smiling at Daddy!
Just thought I'd post some fun pics of my baby girl for you to enjoy--because you can't have her in person ;)

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