Monday, August 16, 2010

Where or where did the last month go?

Wow--one month since my last post.  I have actually gotten much better at blogging, but this past month--life was a little like a hurricane.

I finished a summer semester packed with 6 hours of graduate school, unending research, and a video project that stole many hours of sleep from me!  Thankfully--Grandma came to the rescue one week--to help out!  Lydia loves Grandma!

I have finally, thank the Lord, overcome a cold/allergic exacerbation that lasted 2 months!  I am no longer over-dosing on antihistamines of every shape, name, and size.

Immediately after school was over, we became (miraculously) owners of a rental property.  So that entailed late night cleaning (hauling Lydia with blankets, toys, and bottles), early morning cleaning (once again hauling lydia with blankets, toys, bottles, etc), completing the punch list, devising a lease, etc. etc. etc. Phew....glad that's over.  We have been blessed with wonderfully renters already!

We also drove to Dallas to visit friends and Brett's cousins.  Lydia had her first road trip.  She did great!  We swam, went to the Dallas World Aquarium, and ate great food (thanks to John!).  The temperature was 103-105 degrees (without the heat index)--so the zoo trip and the hiking I wanted to do with Lydia--was OUT of the picture :(  Thankfully the Aquarium was indoors!

Currently, I'm studying for my certification exam in ER nursing (CEN)--which I will take before I start school again on the 23rd! Wow--life is busy, the emotions sometimes run rampant, but I have a wonderful little girl who makes me smile every day, and a very supportive husband!  Thank you, Lord, for my many blessings!


Jeannie B. said...

Great to see you manage to have fun in all the excitement that is your life!!

Cat said...

Me too! Sometimes it's a challenge :)

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