Monday, February 27, 2012


How old are you, Lydia?  "Two!" stated boldly with confidence (never mind the full hand of fingers that are in the air!).

Yes, my little girl has turned 2!!  I can't believe how time has flown.
We are so happy to have you in our lives.  You are bold, confident, love laughter, and stuffed animals.  You sleep with many, many, many stuffed animals in your crib (even though I swore I wouldn't let them in my house due to dust, etc.)  You jump, "hop," and love love love to sing!  You  love being outside at any chance you can sneak out of the door or beg someone to take you :)  You eat and eat and eat--sometimes as much as I do. You are so friendly--waving to truck drivers and paramedics (who never see you) and strangers in stores. You enjoy baths, coloring, painting, and playing with my button stash.  I can hardly ever take videos of you--because you want to see yourself on the other side of the camera :)  We have started visiting the library because we needed more books.  You can sit and look through 5-6 books at a time, uninterrupted taking in everything on the pages.

The joy you find in the simple things of life--like airplanes, ants, bird chirps, and butterflies--has renewed my sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around me--and I thank you for that gift!
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!  I love you!

  Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hogs and Kisses!

I am so thankful for my family! We were all home today as a family and I thoroughly enjoyed it (even though my child is ill, cranky, needy, and took 2 loooong hours to fall asleep today for a nap).  Alas, it was still a wonderful day!
Last week I made the Valentine's cards for Lydia's class.  In keeping with our "pig" theme for her birthday--I saw this idea on Pinterest and made little cards.  I bought a big "bag of buttons" at Hancock's one day, and can you believe it had over 16 pink, two holed buttons.  I was sooo excited! (By the way--we just LOVE Broadmoor Methodist Learning Center.  Love it!  I would highly recommend anyone to go there.)
 I've always wanted to decorate cookies.  So I tried it.  Honestly, It wasn't too much fun! LOL  I'm too impatient to allow the colors to dry and layer them properly.  Although, I felt I was getting the hang of finding the right consistency, I'm not sure how often I want to do this.
I was inspired by this blog.  Oh my!!! Can you say cookie ART!  This gal is fantastic.  You must, must, look at her blog!  Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle
 We decided at the last minute to go out for a quick dinner tonight.  Brett's mother met us at the restaurant.  Lydia is holding my valentine monkey :)  I'm most certain that when Daddy bought it for me--he ultimately knew who would take over it :)  and I'm ok with that.
 She's getting so big.  Guess who is going to turn 2 tomorrow!
Our Sweet Valentine's!!  I actually made Brett's card (the one in the front).  I just couldn't bear spending $5 on a card.  I prefer to think I'm not cheap--but that I'm just thoughtful.

I want everyday to be like today--a celebration of the people in my life--the people who mean the most to me :) Every day really should be "Valentine's Day" where we honor those we love--by actually taking time and showing it!

I hope your day was as great as ours!

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