Thursday, October 13, 2011

Customer Appreciation

I recently had a special request for a wedding bouquet "charm."  After many "conversations" online through Etsy, this customer and I came up with an idea.  She kind of left the final decisions to me, and I decided to make a necklace instead of just a charm--so the recipient could wear it as well.
Comment from recipient: She absolutely LOVED her necklace. She said it was more precious to her than her diamond engagement ring!

The charm included the phrase "yours mine & ours" along with the names of "their" 6 children.  The necklace was placed in the bride's bouquet!  The customer sent this beautiful photograph. 

This is part of the reason I love doing what I do.  It is a creative way to create special memories for others.  I feel honored to have a part in this wedding.  That photo made my day :)

May the Lord bless this union, and this family!

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