Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daddy's Girl

For Father's Day (I know I'm a little late) I prepared the table for a nice breakfast.  Lydia was awake so we could all sit at the table.  One of Brett's gifts was a mug with the picture below on it.  It was his favorite gift!  I thought It was a little "girly" because the mug is white--but he didn't care!  I had her little footprint stamped in a nursery rhyme book--and there it is on his gift bag.  Daddy loved her footprint!

I also wanted to make sure I captured Lydia with her daddy.  She was sleeping prior to us leaving for church, so I had to wake her up.  As a result--she wasn't the happiest camper--although she's still cute ;)  And of course Brett was rushing me so we wouldn't be late.  But by golly--I was going to get at least ONE picture of them dressed up together!

I gave Brett 5 dress choices for her to wear--and he picked the blue one--even though he called it her "Elizabethan dress" all day!  That's ok--we like the Elizabethan look!

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy!  I only hope I am as good as a mother as Brett is a father.  He loves his little girl more than he could have ever imagined.  I'm so thankful that she will grow up with him!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tuning Forks and Reheated Coffee.....

Well--that about sums up the last 2 weeks--tuning forks and reheated coffee!

Taking a summer semester of 6 hours of graduate school, working nights/evenings (while the baby sleeps), and having a 4 month old has been quite the challenge.

My mother came 2 weeks to aid in the cause--and I COULD NOT have done it without her!  She kept Lydia while I slept and studied.  This week I had an assignment that had to be videoed--we were up at 5:30 Wednesday morning (after I went to sleep at 3:30 am after studying)--dropped Lydia off at Dana's at 6 am(THANKS, Dana)--and went to the salon to film my project.  CRaZy!  And thanks to my wonderful husband who was up that early (he is NOT an early bird) to be my guinea pig patient!  Now I know how to use a tuning fork--and I'm loving the reheated coffee (even at 1 am).

This week will be somewhat better--but finding time to study and write papers for a research class is.... well.... not always easy!  But--with a wonderful, encouraging husband and a very cooperative baby--it's getting done.  Stay tuned for Father's Day pics!

BTW--the first tuning fork was developed in 1711.  They are used to test hearing and to tune instruments --hence "TUNing fork"  haha (in case you didn't know).  It also has other uses too.  Quite the interesting little metal object ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Blur

The last week has definitely been a "blur."  I feel like I've been running a little crazy.  After having the baby, life got "normal" again, then I returned to work.  That was a transition.  Well, we finally reached "normal" again--and I started back in graduate school last week! Ok--I know I'm crazy.  Many told me that I wouldn't stay in school once the baby was born, but I'm not quitting! Brett's an awesome support--and I think we are both way more tired now than we were when she was a newborn LOL

We had a "bow" party this week.  A group of gals from one of the married couples small groups asked me to join them to teach them how to make hair bows.  Around 20 girls in one room---with lots of ribbon and hot glue guns!  I forgot my camera--but we had a fun time.  I could do those types of projects all day--forget the studying ;)  Doesn't that ribbon just look so fun! :)

On the home front, Lydia's growing up so fast--but still sooo cute.

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