Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saying "Good bye" to the STACK!

Ok-- after weeks of whittling away at the STACK--I am finished!!

Perfect time for a Word of the day: Whittle-- to reduce or gradually eliminate something :) (Just had to throw that in.)

The stack above was actually one from December 2008 (just found the picture in my files). Unfortunately (and embarrassingly)--some of the same items in that stack were in my current one! Except--the STACK I just finished "eliminating" was about......3-4 x larger than in the picture!

Oh--you all know and can relate to this (except for the few really organized out there). The stack sits there and then it gets shoved in an old Wal-Mart sack and thrown in the closet when company comes over. Then--it builds again--and more company comes over. Hence--I ended up with about 4 x that amount! It was filled with photos, items needing to be filed, receipts, things and papers I "thought" I wanted to keep, etc. etc. etc.

Now that I am finished going through everything-- I have a SOLUTION to the stack.

A long (and I mean LONG) time ago--I heard someone on the radio talking about organizing your life. They referred to a "one touch" system. You check the mail--and as you go through it--you touch it ONCE.
  • You read and throw
  • You read and file
  • You read--pay bill--then file
  • You deal with each piece of mail ONCE

Previously I have been so overwhelmed with my stack--that I felt I could never implement the "one touch" system....

But after today...... I will (that's a promise) :)


Tonja said...

I understand the STACK...I hate the STACK :) I love when the STACK is gone.
hope that new system works for ya!

Jeannie B. said...

Good luck. My stack sits in a basket on the counter. I do the 'one touch' thing with business when I can and it does work very well.

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