Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sew Fun!!

Now that life has returned a little to "normal" since Gustav, I've been returning to a few of my hobbies. I usually go through spurts of enjoying certain activities, and right now I'm back to sewing. Because I don't have a sewing room, it's tedious to take everything out of various closets in the house to set up the dining room for sewing. But this week-end I did, and here are some of my latest fun creations.

When I saw this fabric, I didn't think it screamed "toddler dress," but I loved it. I later went back, bought it, and made this cool purse. Brett approves (which is good because he's the fashion police in the house!)

I also finished a beautiful gown for Selena's sweet Julia Grace. It's a pattern by the Old Fashioned Baby, and it has hand embroidered pleats and accents.

I've never made a slip before, so here's my first. The shell stitching around the neckline is all hand sewn. I put her initials at the bottom of the slip. The embroidery is not the best, but since I was delayed during 2 weeks without electricity after the hurricane, I was anxious to get the gown to the now 10 week old Julia. Wow--they grow so fast!

. . . and this week I also made a sweet little minkee blanket for a co- worker's new baby boy.

I love creating things-- especially gifts. There's nothing more rewarding than making something with your own hands and giving it to someone as a gift. I'm so fortunate that I had a moma who taught me to sew!


Paula said...

You make me want to create something myself.

Sonja said...

Wow! I am impressed. Would love to have a purse like that in say...brown of some sorts! I just got purse stolen and had to go thru the hassle of getting debit card cancelled (they had charged gas already before I could do this..that is how fast they move)and I got a new liscence and Sam's card yesturday...also temporary checks to keep me going until the order comes in! What a pain. But, In it all I rejoice in my God who say's He supplies our every need!

The dress is gorgeous and unfortunately I still have not made it over to her house to see the baby! I need to do that soon.

Would love to see Fire Proof with you guys...let us know when a good time for you is...maybe we can get Ken and Selina out too!

Love you and certainly enjoy how creative you are!!!!!


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