Sunday, January 4, 2009

Did I really forget??

Ok. So I must admit.....I did forget my dearest friend's birthday yesterday. Although, I could have said that she called me before I had a chance to call her---(I thought about it--but she knows me too well)-- I confess that I just forgot. So... to make up for it--I'm taking this post to say Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Here's your cyper b-day present! (You'll get it the next time I see you.) Oh--and if anyone is interested in making one of these--let me know and I'll post a tutorial. It's very easy and makes a great gift!

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold

I am very appreciative of all of my dear friends. I find that getting older only makes developing friendships (significant, deep ones) more difficult as we have husbands and families first on our priority list. So I am thankful for those all of my "golden" friends who know me inside and out.
I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Lisa! Here are a few pics of your sweet Caroline (I have copies for you too.)


Lisa said...

Thank you so much Cat. I am sobbing my eyes out. I absolutely love my gift and forgive you for forgetting my birthday! I guess it is ok since it is the very first time in twenty years! OH we are getting old. My father gave me a sweet gift when he united my heart with yours. "I love you more than I love my luggage" I will see you soon.

Lisa said...

Thank you Cat! I am sobbing my eyes out-but you already know that because I called to tell you THANK YOU! You are more precious to me than I could ever verbalize. I love you "more than I love my luggage" What a sweet gift my father gave me when he united my heart with yours. I am so grateful. I love you. See you soon, I have more of an incentative-now since you know I want my gift!

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