Monday, April 5, 2010


We are working on establishing routines in our household. Anyone who knows us, knows that Brett and I come and go as we wish -- at least we did. Life is definitely different--and we will probably be more disciplined, orderly (in its own way), and less erratic-- (Hey--we like spontenaity). Considering the fact that I am actually keeping up with this blog--shows some of the consistency that has entered my life :)
Well--the first "routine" needed is the bedtime routine. We are finally getting there--and little one has gone to bed by 9 pm two nights in a row. phew! Those 11:30 pm nights were getting a little old! I'm returning to work this week--so routines are definitely in order. No pun intended.
We start the routine with a bath--which little one LOVES! Then we settle down for meal time and story time. We've been reading the two above books. We especially like On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman. The first time Brett read it to her--he even teared up. It's a very sweet book and would make an excellent baby gift.Then--as the eyes get heavy--to bed we go. She has moved out of the bassinet and into her "big girl" crib. I bought this fan at Wal-Mart for $9. The BEST $9 I've spent in a long time. So far so good on the earlier nights. (Except for the unfortunate 5 am waking time now that she goes to bed earlier!)
But--I actually took advantage of the early morning to begin my postnatal workout video. This week I lost another pound--so 31 down and 12 more to go! I have never had to work to take off weight--so this is definitely a new challenge for me. Cookies, cake, sweets, chocolate, etc. call my name loudly--and I'm not very good at ignorning them!

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