Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Forest Park Summer FUN!

So we met friends at Forest Park today.  This is a great, new park in Baton Rouge with a playground and splash pad--all on turf!!  Yeah--no sand and no wood chips (although wood chips are good with me--but I avoid all parks with sand!).

 Lydia normally doesn't get into the water--but she did this time!!  I was so happy to catch some water pics!  How FUN!
 Sammy pushing Lydia!  Soo sweet.  Not sure how she feels about it though.  She was a little pooped out at this point.  I love taking Lydia in the morning time before her nap, then I give her to Brett in the afternoon while I go somewhere to study.  It's a great plan.  He did yard work this morning, and we played.  Not a bad exchange!
Mellowing out in dry clothes
 We attempted the pacifier removal in July.  It lasted 2 weeks--2 weeks of sleepless nights and miserable car rides!  Lydia only uses it in the bed, and in the car when she is tired.  She now calls it her "neenga, neenga, neenga" (repeat that fast over and over).  Not sure how it got this name, but hey, it works!  I never wanted to give the pacifier a name, I guess to avoid attention to it--so she named it that.

We are looking forward to temps in the upper 80s and low 90s at the end of the week!  That sounds crazy, but these 99 degree days keep us from enjoying the outdoors.  I can't wait to get the jogging stroller back out!

Love my blankee!

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Jeannie B. said...

Hi! Can't believe how big this baby of yours is!! Love seeing the photos.

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