Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sew Happy!

Many people have asked me what I will do with my "free" time now that I'm not in school.  Well--I have found plenty of things to do!  I've been sewing, baking, making Valentine's, clearing off stacks of "stuff" etc. etc. And I'm still making jewelry/selling in my etsy shop.

One of the best things I did was clean out my sewing space! I went through all of my fabrics, folded neatly the ones I think could turn into creations for Lydia, and stuck all the winter corduroys in the attic (all the ones I brought down last fall--and never got around to sewing--boooo)

I have always loved the Mallory Pattern but for some reason was thinking it would be a time consuming pattern, and never bought it.  Of course--a 10 button placket on the back is time consuming.  Well.....I LOVE the pattern.  I've already made one (out of not so favorite fabric) to test the size, and have another cut out that I can't wait to make!!

Even better, now that my mother has retired, she is getting "bored" and is asking to help me sew!  Woo hoo! Can't wait to show you our finished products!!


http://www.cwmalls.com/women-s-fur-leather-jacket-designer-fashion-fox-fur-collar-mink-fur-sheepskin-leather-jackets-cw676417 said...

If i have those frabics I can do many different cloth and i used to learn about those in China!

fox fur collar leather jacket said...

f i have those frabics I can do many different cloth and i used to learn about those in China!

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