Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beach? Mountains? Beach? Mountains!!

This summer for our anniversary we went to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee/Georgia. We go to the beach every year, but this year we decided to make a change and take our mountain bikes for a little adventure. We both love the mountains (we actually want to move there one day), but Brett has this "thing" about long car rides--he doesn't like them. I, on the other hand -- LOVE them! But he agreed that a long car ride was worth the end result, so we packed up our mountain bikes on the back of the car--and went to the mountains for 5 days. It was awesome! Brett and I spent 2 of the days mountain biking--for REAL this time. We had great difficulties at first until we met Wayne. Wayne was a "real" mountain biker who taught us how to use our bikes on the steep inclines. He was truly our personal God-sent tour guide.

If you want to know what it feels like to ride down a mountain on a 3 foot wide curvy path, in the dark, at about 15-20 mph in the pouring rain--ask me. . . .
It was exhilarating! (And I confess--very scary!!) We've made some new mountain biking rules for our next trip including letting someone else know where you are, and NO starting a trail after 7 pm!

We invited some friends, Jack and Beverly, to come with us. I've known them for years, and they were actually our "mentors" when we were married. We love and appreciate them and all of their wisdom!

Picking wild blackberries--they were awesome!
I love this picture. It looks like it is from a fairy tale scene. No--it's not a backdrop! We also went horse back riding--my idea. After about one hour--I was done! I still have a scar 2 months later on my ankle where the stirrups rubbed the skin off my leg-- Ouch!! But the horses were just breathtaking. . .
We also went white water rafting. It was the best trip we had all been on. We had a wonderful (and a little crazy) guide. Pics to come!
Well--Just a little overdue update. Now. . . . I think I'm going to ride my bike!


kk said...

Looks like an awesome time. That waterfall was amazing. (My friend just had a pretty bad crash during a night-time bike I hope you keep up those new rules) : ). Thanks for sharing your experiences and pics. :)

Sonja said...

Hello Cathy...
Awesome pictures. Would love to do something like that one day. Maybe we should plan it.
Send me your email address. i set all new up and lost yours in the process. My address is
need to send you something.

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