Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tutorial-- how to post a music playlist to your Blogger site

Ok-- since I've been bombarded with requests for this tutorial.. .(well, not exactly--but hey--maybe some lurker will benefit)

Here are my rough steps. I think anyone should be able to follow these directions. I love having my little tunes on my blog. . . now you can too!
1. Go to (there are other sites out there--but this is what I used)
2. sign up or just start building a playlist (it's the big blue box on the center L of the screen) by entering song or an artist
3. The song or songs by the artist will come up – listen to song or hit the “+” to save to your playlist (continue until you have a list that you like—pretty self explanatory)
4. After finishing your list -- look for and select a button stating post playlist” or “generate code
At this point you have to do 3 steps:
1. You are given choices from A-E. Select E (at least for blogger)
2. Select which playlist you want to add to your blog (you probably only have 1 at this time)
3. Select auto start (yes), shuffle (I prefer yes), and color (what ever you want) –hit “get code button

  • Copy the code (control C).
  • Open new window with your blog in it.
  • Sign in to blogger account and go to “edit layout
  • Select “add a gadget” from the side or bottom bar
    **Here's the only tricky step -- from the "gadget" list select “HTML/JavaScript”make sure it is this one only--Look under BASICS (at least this is the only one that worked for me—I tried a couple of others only to be frustrated)

Once you find "HTML/JavaScript" --select it

  1. Put a title (or not)
  2. “paste” (Control V) the “code” that you copied from the playlist into the big box
  3. Hit save and voila! Do a little dance, make a little. . ..oh, well—hey—it is Wednesday night!! (some of you will get this)


Sonja said...

Hey Cathy...
Thank you for the steps...I am going to try it now on my new blog site Warrior Chic. Hope it works.
I'll be calling you if it doesn't


Rhonda said...

Thank you for this great tutorial, your directions were perfect and I am now enjoying music on my blog...thanks again...Rhonda

acbaker82 said...

This is exactly what I needed, thanks so much for sharing this!

aromatherapylavender said...

Thank you very much for your precise tutorial steps. Now I can enjoy the music after ages looking for the way to make it work.

The Edible Rabbit said...

Hey thanks! Was totally puzzled how to do this, you really made it simple!

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