Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Exhausted. . .

. . . from a busy week-end!

Friday night I worked until 11:30 pm then I got up earrrrrly (6:20 am) on Saturday morning to head to Donaldsonville for the medical clinic.

I've written about Healing Hands before, but in case you missed it--you can read more about it on the HH Blog http://drcheri.blogspot.com/

After seeing about 18 patients and giving them there monthly medications, all of the volunteers had lunch together, and I headed home around 1 pm.

My mother arrived around 2:40-- (during which I was taking a little nap). She thankfully brought her pressure washer over and we headed to the front of the house to clean the front of the house, the porch, and the side walk. Gustav's gotta go!

After 3.5 hours of cleaning (and accidentally removing a little paint from the porch and shutters)--I headed to Albertson's to grab a few things for some homemade fried shrimp (provided by mom) and some of the traditional Talley onion rings. All of this followed by a movie and popcorn (I bailed on this one).

Up early for Church at 9 am--then home to cook shrimp fettucine. After cleaning up--off to more pressure washing! If that wasn't enough--we made 3 batches of homemade soap and Brett cut Mom's hair.

After a quick shower--we met some friends for a movie at 7 pm after which I was up until 11:30 pm finishing an assignment due at midnight.

. . . .then up again Monday at 7:00 am for a 12 hour shift.

Maybe that explains why I woke up at 6:45 am this morning -- just the time I should have been arriving at work! Oh, well--I get to go in at 10:45 tomorrow. Ahhh, a little time to sleep in.


Lisa said...

Are any of those soaps for me and my children's teachers? (smile) I love reading your blogs. It is almost like being roomates again. The difference is that when I get tired of hearing about"racoons playing in the moonlight" I can just log off your blog.(smile) Miss your bunches. Tell uncle B the Clements say Hi.

Lisa said...

Are any of those soaps for me?(smile) I love reading your blogs. It is almost as good as living with you... except when I get tired of hearing about "racoons playing in the moonlight" I can exit from your blog site.(smile)Miss you bunches.. tell Uncle B the Clements say hi.

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