Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Quarantine:  Voluntary or compulsory isolation

Yep--that's us--quarantined!  Last Wednesday I became quite ill--with "gastroenteritis."  We'll just keep it at that.  I was actually so sick, I ended up in the ER to get fluids.  That never happens.

Well, then Miss Lydia got it, too.  In the midst of all of this... I had my first test of the semester coming up (tonight in fact), so when I recovered after two days, my dear friend Lisa agreed to keep Lydia for me all day Saturday so I could study while Brett was working.
Sleep, sleep, and more sleep----that's what we've all been doing

Do I need to tell you what happened?  Yep.....Lisa and ALL three of the children--up last night....sick!  I was shocked that it spread that easily!

So--I took my test tonight....and right after it.....Brett started.

Smoothies made from Lydia's frozen baby food, yogurt (for good "bacteria") and juice
Well.....we are quarantined.  Don't come over and we won't come to see you, either ;)

So..the moral of the story (all stories have some kind of moral, don't they?).......
There are many things in life that are contagious.....some are good--like laughter, joy, encouragement while others are deadly--like negativity or gossip.  And often, it's the bad that spreads so quickly--most of the time you don't even realize you are spreading it. 
So before you send your viral negative words around--like death and disease--try spreading a little laughter, joy, encouragement, or positive words instead.  That way....you won't need to be quarantined!

And by the way--amazingly--with God's grace (I got an "A") yippee!!

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