Friday, September 17, 2010

A Whole Foods Birthday

Well--this week Lydia turned 7 months and moma--well I turned more than 7 months ;)
Lydia 6.5 months
So to celebrate (and to get out of the house as we were both going a little stir crazy--I've given up trying to study, really study, with her--because I get frustrated--and don't want to live like that)--so off to have some FUN!

Fun for me these days--is a great stroller ride to Whole Foods!  It's just a hair over a mile--so round trip I get a 2.5 mile walk for exercise, and she gets wind in her hair.  Lydia LOVES it!

On the way to Whole Foods--we also stopped by the Gap.  I've been having this gift card as a result of a baby gift I returned that didn't fit, and I found this Denim romper  I love it! and I got it 50% off because of a sale and then another 25% off sale prices--only on the day I happened to stop by!  It's the perfect romper for fall--and the perfect romper for a visit to the PUMPKIN PATCH! Now I'm not sure which pumpkin patch we are going to, or when--but I can't wait!  (Any recommendations?)
Chantilly Cake from Whole Foods (picture borrowed from someone else--I didn't have my camera ;)
While at Whole Foods--we bought a piece of this wonderful Chantilly Cake!  We sat and ate it together (Lydia liked it too).   It was scrumptious!  I think this is my favorite cake.....ever.   I had never tried it before, but I WILL find a recipe or make one myself (when I get the time haha).

Then we went home--and both took a nap!  My kind of birthday celebration :)

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Jeannie B. said...

Happy birthday to you both. It sounds like a wonderful day ! I like walking with a destination. And love whole foods.

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