Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some things new

Wow--it's been a while since I've posted.  Been a little "hairy" around here.  For the last 3 weeks I've had a test every Monday.  Each test covered 300-500 pages of material!!  Oh my!  So I've been studying a lot.  And crying a lot.  And being REALLY thankful for my dear friends who've been helping out!!

So, on Tuesday--I took a breath.....and we all played!  Brett, Lydia, and I all went to Tanger Outlet.  We shopped, ate out, and we came home and Brett and I watched Letters to Juliet.  It was a great day. It made up for the last 3 weeks.

 So onto the NEW things....Lydia wore shoes for the first time!  I got these cuties at a consignment sale.  Never worn--for $10 (regular $36!!)  I was afraid she would hate them...but she didn't flinch.  That's my girl--she's ok for change (at least now)

Lydia also got "teething biscuits" for the first time!  What a mess, but she loved them.

And I got new jeans.  Well sort of (hehe).  Brett has ALWAYS wanted me to get a pair of "worn" jeans.  I always refused.  So when he told me they were only $14.99 I agreed to try them on.  And I thought....I spend most of my time in coffee shops or at home on the porch studying anyway.  So why not.  He was happy......and I was too.  After all--only $14.99 for a pair of $49.99 jeans.  Just don't tell my mother I paid money for an "old" pair of jeans!

Of course, these "new" things are all temporary, but ONE DAY--we will all be able to experience how God will take all of those things hurtful or painful and make them ALL NEW!  Revelation 21:1-5

Be encouraged is only a SEASON!


Jeannie B. said...

I am having fun seeing your little girl get bigger!

Cat said...

Thanks Jeannie! She is growing soo fast--but we are loving every minute!

Sonja said...

gosh...I remember Jonah loving those teething biscuits too! Time fly's.
Love the blue jeans! Enjoy...I like worn out ones too!!
Now that she's walking come to the country she can walk all over this place! lol!! She'd like the hammock too!
Enjoy your blog as usual!


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