Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be all there

I was sweeping the kitchen floor tonight, and I recalled a forgotten quote that was once my favorite.

"Wherever you are, be all there." Jim Elliot
Of course when I first read that quote I was single and that was the focus, but it applies to all seasons of life. I've been noticing recently how many people (including myself) often focus on "where I've been" or "where I want/'need' to be" that we miss were we are.
I don't want to miss today because I'm thinking about where I could be, should be, or want to be. I think we forget that there are no "rules" about where we should be in life. I see so many people live in dissappointment because they are not "there" yet--that they completely fail to appreciate today.
So--Wherever you are -- be all there and give it all of your energy and focus because one day -- you won't be there any more.
My desire is that I "live to the hilt every situation that I believe to be the will of God" --and that I do it without regret.
Ok, enough of my rant. :)


Paula said...

Good word for me today. I was just thinking about choices that I regretted from my past that have affected who I am today. No use but should focus on the choices of today.

Tonja said...

that's awesome, Cathy. have you ever read "Anonymous" by Alicia Chole? your post made me think of it :)

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