Monday, August 4, 2008

the Little things

I awoke this morning to ants! Yes, ants all over the bathroom. Of course at 0600 that is not what I want to deal with especially when I needed to leave for work at 0630.

They weren't little "sugar" ants -- the kind your moma told you not to worry about, and they weren't big tree ants. They were what I call "yard" ants--the kinds from the ant piles.

Immediately (while killing them and moaning while half asleep) I thought -- I "should have" dealt with this ant pile/trail leading up the side of the house that I noticed weeks (maybe months) ago. I dismissed the trail of ants leading to the attic and never pursued the issue. I merely washed the ants off the side of the house--and there--I dealt with it.

Later I couldn't help but put the connection to so many aspects of our lives. How many times do we see a potential "issue" that needs to be dealt with in our lives--and yet we "deal" with it by merely washing away the evidence of it without dealing with the true source of the problem.

The "little" talk we should have, that "little" apology we need to make, that "little" credit card bill we hide, the "little" secret we keep, the "little" white lie. . .

--whatever it may be--can quickly--and usually-- develop into something greater--more than we expected. Those ants seemed minor on the outside of the house--but then they invaded the inside--and I was directly affected.

Don't overlook the "small" things. Song of Solomon refers to the "little foxes" that spoil the vines. We can't risk avoiding them.


Tonja said...

amen, sista!

Sonja said...

great message your blog. Hope you can write more, need the uplift you know!
Very true however about the "little foxes"...if we don't rely on the Lord to examine our hearts, spend time in His presence, we could miss big time in the correction department.
Keep blogging!

sonja h.

Sonja said...

hey cathy...need you blog address to put on my blog...for some reason the one I have isn't working.
Hope you are well...

sonja h.

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