Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Ridd-ants!

Well--it looks like the ants are finally gone. Yes, it has taken this long. It was the strangest phenomenon. During the last 2 weeks we only found 1 "trail" of ants. One day you'd wake up--ants in the cabinet. Another day--5 ants on the living room floor or 5 ants on the bathroom floor. They had no trail, no coming nor going to trace. It was a little frustrating. We just put a little poison everywhere--and it looks like they are finally gone :) Good ridd-ants!
As for life--Brett started school about 3 weeks ago, and I started last week. Ho hum. I graduate with my BSN in December. The "plan" (which continually changes) is that I, tentatively, will start school for my nurse practitioners degree during the summer 2009 semester through USA in Mobile. It's a very reputable online program which would work for me. And Brett-- will graduate for ORU in May 2009!! Yea--he is so excited.

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Sonja said...

Hey Cathy!
since I do not have your email (not sure why other than I know I changed mine...send it to me @ freedomworship@live.com so I can put on file.
Anyways...wanted to wish you a HAPPY birthday! Hope your day is filled with Love and Joy.

love you,


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