Monday, May 10, 2010

Awesome Mother's Day

I had such a wonderful week-end! In spite of the fact that I worked nights Friday and Sunday (and was exhausted all day Saturday)--It was awesome.
Brett planned a dinner out with another couple on Saturday night at Ruffino's (he said they had a gift certificate and were inviting us--smart man--because he knows I'm on a budget!)
He "lied" to me to get us to a friends house--where we dropped off Lydia. Surprise #1--a babysitter! I was near in tears because we haven't done anything together since she was born. I thought "wow" these men are great--planning for us two couples to have dinner together.

Surprise #2--We weren't meeting the other couple and we weren't going to Ruffino's! We went to French Market Bistro off Highland. When we got there we had a sweet corner table and there were roses and a card already placed! My husband is definitely the romantic planner. I was impressed.

Then we drove to Ville Platte yesterday and spent the day with my mom and two sisters and my neice. We had a great day. I brought a little basket of soap for all the ladies :)
My Surprise #3--was checking my "blogroll" this morning and finding that I won a gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl! I'm sooo excited. I've been reading Erin's blog for a long time and have enjoyed reading about her family and being inspired by her mompreneurship. This is a picture from her blog (hope she doesn't mind). So head on over and check out her awesome jewelry Thans Erin--you've definitely made my mother's day even better!

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