Friday, May 7, 2010

Snail Shirring Bonnets

I wanted to share a two sweet bonnets for Lydia. I actually made both of these bonnets before she was even conceived (I was hoping for the girl) :)
Both bonnets utilize a technique called "Snail Shirring." If you notice how the lace is gathered in kind of an S shape and attached to the bonnet--that is Snail Shirring. I learned this technique and made the bonnet with a kit from The Old Fashioned Baby. It is also hand embroidered on the top and ties with silk satin ribbons! Sooo sweet :)
The OFB was located in Baton Rouge. I spent many hours there visiting with ladies who love to sew beautiful heirloom garments. I learned so much there. I remember when I found out I was pregnant. I drove immediately there to purchase something wonderful to make for the new baby--and I found the "We're closed" sign on the door. I was devastated! I pressed my nose against the window and wanted to cry! I immediately called Jeannie. But....the good news is that she still has her online shop at
This bonnet was made with antique lace (also purchased at OFB). It was yellow, and I soaked it in Biz for a few days--and it came out like new. I also sewed a few pin tucks in the bonnet for variety. This bonnet is gathered in the back unlike the other one.
Jeannie, the owner and pattern designer, makes wonderful baby patterns and is an excellent teacher! I have purchased and made many beautiful heirloom items from her patterns--and they have by far some of the best instructions! (I hope she reads this!) I will post other gowns later.

You can also visit Jeannie's blog for tips and techniques for sewing heirloom garments.
Now--isn't this little girl soooo sweet. Look at that nose and those eyelashes!
Oh, how we love her!


Tonja said...

YES!!!!! She most certainly is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

and I love these bonnets...they're sooooooo super sweet!! cher baby!

Allison Shops said...

Such a beautiful baby girl. Your bonnets are gorgeous! Dropping by from White Wednesday; Tailored Kitchen.


Natures Universe said...

I couldn't decide if the model was a real baby or a doll--I was just a bit slow to realize she is a baby doll! She is absolutely adoreable.

Cat said...

Thanks for the sweet comments and thanks for stopping by! I love to see new "faces" visiting :)

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