Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zoo Trip

So, last Saturday, we wanted to have a little "outdoor" activity. We planned with some friends to go to the Baton Rouge Zoo. Granted--the sun was shining and it looked absolutely beautiful. I balked at the fact Lisa's son's baseball game was being cancelled that afternoon because of "bad weather." Hump. Looks fine to me.

So we packed up... to meet the Gibsons.....forgetting umbrellas, towels, etc. because after all it was such a beautiful day! ha! I think Lydia knew what was coming. She had this lovely disposition the entire time. No smiles. Just calm, cool, and collected. Mark and Brett read about the birds, while I stared at the darkening sky. I think we should have brought the umbrella!Thankfully, Dana had been to the zoo many times before--and knew where the closest shelter was. So when the downpour came, we ended up hanging out with the otters and nutria for a while, but at least we had some protection from the rain since we were already rather soaked by this point. But Lydia knew no difference!Lydia loves her Snugli! She refuses to sleep in a stroller, so I have learned to pack the Snugli carrier in times like these (especially after I ended up carrying her 1/2 mile around LSU lakes while pushing the stoller one day--while she was screaming. What fun!) Daddy loved carrying her!The new tiger exhibit. Aren't they beautiful!? And this picture was taken through the viewing glass!
Madeline was the smart one--the only one with a hat!Beautiful Caroline--before the rain! By the time we left, we were all pretty wet, and we dried off with extra bibs I found in the diaper bag!
So it wasn't the "best" zoo trip ever--but as I like to say "We're just making memories!" Memories I won't forget! :)


Michael said...

You should post these pictures on the BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo's Facebook Fan page: Beautiful pictures!

Cat said...

Thanks! We had a great time. Didn't know there was a Zoo Facebook page :)

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