Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garden Fresh--Homemade baby food

Lydia is now 3.5 months old--and will be eating table food shortly.  Sooo....I've decided to start making her baby food now before it gets too late :)

I went to the downtown Red Stick Market today and the produce stand earlier this week to pick up some wonderful fresh veggies.

I actually bought the "wrong" kind of squash.  Butternut Squash--what is that!?  Well I discovered those large pear shaped, gord like veggies today at market and picked some up.  In fact, they are baking in the oven right now :)

It's really not that difficult to make your own baby food, and it's much more economical in addition to much fresher.  I wouldn't eat jarred baby food, but this--is wonderful! 

I steamed the carrots and green beans, baked the sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  After it's cooked, throw it in a blender with the liquid from cooking and extra water, puree to right consistency, and pour.  Pour into ice cube trays.  One tray = 2 cups.  Each cube is approximately 1 oz. and there are 16 cubes per tray.  I originally only bought 3 trays, but returned to get more today.  They fill up quickly.  This is something you definitely want to do in "batches."

Once poured, cover the trays with saran wrap.  Freeze overnight.  Pop out cubes the next day.  Put in bags or other containers--labeled with contents and date.  It's that simple.  When ready to serve, remove cubes as needed.

She's already tried the carrots and really likes them!  I can't wait to experiment with mixing fruits and veggies and meats! 

Stay tuned for messy face pics :)

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Tonja said...

perfect, cathy!!

I did this when mine were babies and it was great!!
I mixed butternut squash with chicken, puree it real good....makes a great baby food :)

have fun!

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