Friday, January 28, 2011

Labile. . .

Labile. . . means open to change, adaptable.  Of course there is another meaning "unstable."  That's the one I liken to lately.

Silly days
 I'm writing about perfection.  No, I'm definitely NOT writing about perfection because I have obtained it, but I'm writing (briefly--because I have to get to bed) about how we THINK we need to be perfect :)

I was pondering a comment from a friend recently about how "wow" you have it "together."  Hmmmm. . . let's see, the definition of together--having everything in one place.  Well--that's definitely NOT true!

Serious days
Anyway--I've been thinking about reality TV.  Reality TV is quite ubiquitous (I've been wanting to use that word lately).  Everytime you turn on the television, which I don't do very often, it's frequently some "live" "reality" show about someone's kids (multiples of them), pawn shops, picking (Brett would love to be a picker by the way), etc.  And then there's the dating reality shows and those "drama" reality shows where everyone fights (I don't know the names of those :)  Years ago I read an article where a participant sued the televsion program (and lost) because they mis-depicted her on the reality show (she should have read the FINE print).  They cut only scenes where she was angry or complained and depicted her as a negative individual. (There's a whole other message in that.)

Well--I relate this to blogging as well.  Blogging is sort of a "reality" show, in a sense.  We read other's blogs and follow their little world, and yet, in "reality" it's only a glimpse into other's lives.  We read how great of a mother they are, how crafty, artsy, wise, romantic, etc. etc.  There is nothing wrong with that, but just don't forget that those are only glimpses into the lives of. . . well. . . humans.

Frustrating days

I am farrrrrrrr from perfect.  Sometimes (well a lot of times) I am silly.  I like to laugh.  I cry. . . A LOT. I even "raise my voice" (as Brett tells me :) I am silly.  I cry (did I say that already).  I get angry.  Sometimes I even want to throw things. Of course, who displays those moments to the public?

Fun days

So often we want to hide our weakness, and I think when we do, we are a disservice to our friends and those around us.  I have weaknesses.  I seek God for strength to overcome them, and I'm sure my husband does too!  I felt all alone this week in relation to school.  I felt like I was the "only one" who was feeling frustrated, anxious, nervous, and totally a wreck.  Everyone else looks like they have it all "together."

Angry days

I don't. (Hence the frustration, anxiety, nervous, basketcase I've been this week).  But I'm sure not EVERYONE does either.  So . . . point. . . . be real.  I just want to be real. And in the midst of my weakness, I know He is strong!

"My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9


Emerson said...

Wonderful post, Cathy! Nobody's perfect....but YOU are awesome!

Lisa said...

Just went back and read this.... It is so good. I love it.

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