Saturday, January 15, 2011

16 pounds of ground beef. . .

. . .makes 10 quarts of taco soup. . . . 6 quarts of chili. . . and 6 quarts of spaghetti!!

This was just part of it!!
 I'm stocking up the freezer because school starts next week, and I'm sure Brett will appreciate a hot meal when time is short :)  I was planning on cooking a very large gumbo and beef vegetable soup, but I ran out of room in the freezer :(

Butternut squash soup and salad made from local lettuce from Red Stick Farmer's Market--that stuff is awesome!  Melts in your mouth.
While cleaning out the freezer, I found loads of butternut squash pureed baby food (remember THIS POST)?  Well, we are past the "baby food" stage--so I've heard of butternut squash soup, so I hopped on the internet and looked up a recipe.  I pulled together random things in the refrigerator that I found in different recipes and came up with soup!!  Brett didn't eat it, but it was pretty good.  Not so good that I could eat it over and over, but the little I made was pretty good. . .for a little change. (Of course the smoked cheddar I added made it extra special.)

And of course--I had to add a few photos of Lydia :)  She wanted to play in the leaves on one of those nice days before the cold hit us.  She cried to come in.  She had a great time crawling and exploring.  I just love that girl!!


Tonja said...

can you make me as resourceful as you?

Cat said...

haha! It's not really true. It's all a facade :) Kind of like reality shows--they only show the certain tidbits!

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