Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make a Difference Monday

Even though it's officially Tuesday (After midnight on Monday)--I'm still writing this post. :)

Today, I thought often about Martin Luther King and the difference he made in a world that had such a false filter over its eyes.  Just to think. . . it was only 55 years ago that in America, black people had to go to different restaurants, ride different buses, had substandard/different schools, and could be beaten or killed with no consequences for the offender.  Wow, have we come a long way.  The world is not perfect, by any means, but you have to think that because someone stood up for something he believed was true and right. . . a difference was made.

Makes me think. . . have I stood up for ideas, people, situations that I believed to be true and right--even thought it could cost me my reputation or even my life?  Pretty heavy thoughts.  I think if you have nothing more to lose -- you get desperate. But what about in the daily choices.  . . do I stand up for what is right and True?  No always.  Sometimes I just remain silent.  Unfortunately.

Making a difference often requires standing up, speaking out on behalf of others. . . on behalf of God, sometimes too (not that He needs us to stand up for Him :)

So. . . before I keep quiet when my heart prompts me to stand up---I'm hoping I have the courage. . . to STAND! (Of course, sometimes there is wisdom in silence, too :)

**I had a cool opportunity this week-- to pay for someone's lunch in the cafeteria.  I'm thankful I had an opportunity to make a difference. . . even so small to a stranger.  What about you?  Did you find any opportunities to make a difference in the life of someone else this week?

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