Saturday, January 1, 2011

What's a resolution?

Happy New Year!!  Over the last few days, I've been thinking. . . about New Year's resolutions.  Why do we make them? When did this tradition start? and most importantly:  Why do people wait until January 1st to make changes in their lives?

I must, as usual, start with a definition:
Resolution:  1.  a formal expression of opinion or intention made 2.  a resolve or determination

Ok.  That's pretty straight forward-- resolve, determine, express formally (with lists and plans) the intentions of doing something--and be determined about it.

When I looked up the history, it was a lot of stuff I'm not typically interested in (who/what leader changed the day of the new year--it went from December 25 to March 25 to January 1st, etc. etc. )  Ultimately, there was a mythical king, Janus, in 153 BC that the Romans believed could forgive sins.  So, as a result, the Romans would make "resolutions" at the beginning of the year hoping that Janus would see and bless their entire year (because Janus had two faces and could look into the future and the past).  There are other "historical" accounts relating to the Babylonians, but honestly, I'm not that interested hehe :)

BUT . . . I do think it is interesting as to why we wait until January 1st.  I was listening to various individuals over the last weeks and heard the ubiquitous comment of "on January 1st I will. . . (start my diet, etc.)"

I have been realizing that we all just . . . simply. . . want a new start.  That exercise plan, those school grades, that marriage relationship, our relationship with God. . . we feel like we fail. . .and want to start over.  But, the awesome thing I realized is that with God . . .I don't have to wait until January 1st to start over or to look forward, hoping that I would be blessed this year--because I am blessed every day!

I don't think New Year's resolutions are horrible, by any means, it just got me thinking--that as we search for a new start. . . to not forget that we can have one every day!

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end. . .they are NEW every morning. . . great is Thy faithfulness!  Lamentations 3:22-23 

Oh, and MY "resolution" is continued from Christmas. . . to continue to walk. . . by choice. . . in JOY!!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year! So funny you should write this! I was talking to Josh about this just yesterday. Every day is a new day. I said I wasn't going to make a new years resolution this year. I don't want to make something I won't keep. I'm going to pray and ask God to do in me what He wants. Love seeing all your pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.
Lindsey Belt

Cat said...

We have a great holiday!! Great to "see" you Lindsey!

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