Monday, January 10, 2011

Make a Difference Monday

Last Monday, I was sitting at Sonic early in the morning buying some time before I had to be somewhere.  While I was there, I was reading Facebook on my phone and eating.  In front of me I could see a man who I actually know from working in the ER, who is homeless.  He wasn't begging, he wasn't even making eye contact with anyone, he was just pacing back in front of a few cars, including mine.  Sadly, I ignored him.

While reading a facebook post from a former student who said she watched Pay it Forward (a great little movie) and decided to make a new year's resolution to do something for others instead of focusing on bettering herself.  She wanted to write a blog of 100 random acts of doing things for others throughout the year.  "How awesome is that!" I thought (as I continued to ignore the homeless man--with the blanket wrapped around him--in 30 degree weather).  Sometimes we can be so blinded by. . . ourselves.

When I looked up again, someone (I didn't see) gave this gentleman food.  I had tears in my eyes as I watched him forage through the package hurriedly.  I was ashamed.  I sat with my warmed car, warm food, on my luxury phone, while a man (who I know is not a drug user or alcoholic) needed food and I ignored him.  Worse--I was getting excited about someone's project of doing good for others--all at the same time.

He ran off after that, and I felt horrible.

I worked that night, and while leaving the hospital around 11:30 pm. I was walking through an empty waiting room. . . and there he was.  This gentleman.  I was so excited.  God had given me a second chance.  He was hanging out in a warm place.  I called him by name, said hello, and was able to provide him with some money to eat that night.

I was so thankful.  It's really not about us.  If we lived like we were dead--and didn't think about ourselves first, I believe there would be so much less discord, anger, and broken relationships.

So, on Mondays (taking from Klove's "Make a Difference Monday")--I'm going to write about making a difference--and opportunities that I had -- and MADE--during the week--to put others--first!

Hope you join me.

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